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Detect Adblockers, ensure ad-revenue

Ad blockers force publishers to act now!

An easy-to-install tool for web publishers to analyse how many visitors
use ad blockers and make them turn it off!

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Your visitor has the choice

Your visitor has the choice

Get your money back

Get your money back

See an example (if you have an ad blocker installed) here or see the demo

Easy IAB implementation

Adsurity works according to the IAB guidelines, written in this whitepaper. This is the deal: 

  • Detect ad blocking (in order to initiate the conversation).
  • Explain the value exchange that advertising enables.
  • Ask for changed behavior.
  • Lift restrictions or Limit access in response to consumer choices.

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Visitors without an ad blocker won’t notice us

Our software has no impact on visitors without an active ad blocker.
Only the people that block your ads are notified.
We don’t read/store visitor data illegally (no personal data, such as IP addresses are stored.
We do not track visitors with tracking cookies, or build visitor profiles.


  • Free test mode for detection    
  • Free selection of ready made walls   
  • Continuous support on detection  
  • Customizable templates     
  • Extensive statistics       
  • Integrated A/B to test your walls
  • Content management
  • Payment option
  • Support multiple languages

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